Brunick LLC has a wealth of experience litigating complex disputes on behalf of individuals and corporations. Litigation is not always the answer, however, and Brunick LLC has the mediation and negotiation skills to determine whether solutions can be reached between parties before expensive litigation is necessary.

Corporations / Businesses

If you are a business seeking to protect the services you provide and the intellectual property you generate, or seek recompense from those who have damaged those rights, Brunick LLC has the skills and knowledge necessary to provide beneficial solutions.

While Brunick LLC can serve businesses of all kinds, Brunick LLC specializes in the needs of technology providers, whether software companies, consulting firms, or Internet or advertising agencies. Brunick LLC seeks to partner with technology companies and advise them on all of their legal needs; furthermore, Brunick LLC has the software design and development experience to be not only legal counsel, but to advise and assist in the growth of your business.

Review Brunick LLC's Services and contact Brunick LLC to discuss how its services can take your company to the next level.


If you are individual who has been wronged by a corporation or another individual, or if you seek to protect your rights prior to entering into a contract, to assert your rights in a contractual dispute, or any other issue where you feel your rights may be at risk, Brunick LLC can provide you with the counsel you seek.

Whatever problem you may have, Brunick LLC has the experience and insight to advise you on what course of action can provide you with the best possible results. Review the Brunick LLC's Services for more detailed information, or simply contact Brunick LLC.